Starting Summer 2022, the goal of this project is to present accessible primers, overviews, and insights of what someone who might (or should) be considering pursuing nursing school may be able to expect while working to figure out and fulfill various the academic and educational requirements to obtain a degree in nursing in the United States and ultimately become a licensed registered nurse.

Nursing school could be a life-redirecting achievement as well as one of the more challenging and transformative experiences of one's life. The professional opportunities and beyond for a registered nurse are robust and continually growing—a certified nurse aide (CNA) working everyday under a registered nurse (RN) might elevate their livelihood from minimum wage without employee benefits to a 6-figure income with strong benefits after making a successful leap into and through nursing school and attaining the education, experience, credentials, and license of their aforementioned colleague.

Since the process of becoming and studying to become a nurse can be wildly different from actually being and working as a nurse, the academic and educational requirements may pose barriers to individuals that otherwise would greatly benefit from a career in nursing and also be a great asset to the field and profession. I hope to help prepare some of those people to make it past some of the main hurdles.